Enjoying wine is a pursuit that is full of joy and passion.

Great wines come from great terroirs. Great terroirs come from a place, its history, nature, and from the people that worked, work, and will work on it. Our producers believe that they are caretakers and stewards of the land, hoping to leave it in a better state for future generations.
We strongly believe that making wine is a combination of both science and art that brings people together and reinforces relationships.

MH&DL Jimmy
Tiraki Kayak

What we do

We transmit the art and passion of the wine through the different generations by educating people and helping to increase their knowledge. We provide the European market with a wide range of exclusive, premium wines at an affordable price. We work closely with the catering and retail trade by helping them find the perfect assortment to satisfy their customers. We represent wineries that embrace sustainable eco and social practices, doing their part to help preserve lands for future generations while improving the human condition now.
Margaux wine

Margaux Hyacinthe



Margaux Hyacinthe

Motto ~ Love what you do and inspire people ~

I possess a strong entrepreneurial mindset and am always ready for new challenges. I have a Master’s Degree in Transport, Logistics and International Trade; knowledge I am determined to put into practice by spreading my passion for wine. Speak three languages fluently: French, Spanish, and English, and currently learning Dutch.

I was raised in the Loire Valley, a beautiful wine region, and had the luck to be named after one of France’s most interesting wines: Margaux! I was fortunate to grow up with Sancerre and Cabernet Franc vines in my backyard, and have since explored and tasted my way through all of France’s great wine regions.
When I started traveling the world, I realised that there is so much more to wine – the grapes, the history, the people, the terroirs. How amazing would it be to share this awareness and experience with others?
That is why I have decided to start the adventure here and be part of MH&DL Exclusive Terroirs.

Authentic qualities: Enthusiasm, Dedication and Passion

Dalmar Labra

Dalmar Labra



Dalmar Labra

Motto ~ Step by Step and always with precaution ~

My personal experiences are closely linked to the Terroir de Pirque sub-region of the famous Maipo Valley. I grew up in between Cabernet Sauvignon, Sauvignon Blanc , Sémillon and Torontel grape plantations. I am Chilean entrepreneur with more than 25 years of experience in international business.

Managing to develop sales channels in the international market to different Chilean wineries. In addition to strong alliances with old world wineries

Over the years I have developed a strong network in the wine industry all over the world. My work and life experiences are a great asset to the adventure of MH&DL. I am the one helping setting up the business objectives and limits. I am a wine storyteller, attend one of my tastings and you will be transported by the magic of the wine Art.

Authentic qualities: Visionary – Conscientious

Together we combine vivacity and experience!

Dalmar Labra

Our strengths

  • Quality wines from privileged terroirs

  • Selected and sourced directly from family-owned and trusted wineries

  • Relationships of many years with constant learning and loyalty

  • High control of the winemaking – Excellence and Passion

  • Passionate Multicultural Team

  • Closeness and ability to listen to our customers