Domaine de Ferrussac Coste Rousse 2019

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IGP Pays d’Hérault

60% Merlot, 40% Chenanson

This cuvée owes its name to this valley of Larzac where the 40 cows of the estate graze, where menhirs grow and where the boxwood takes on a reddish hue in the heat of summer.

The 33 year old Merlot is at an altitude of 200m on a plateau in Lacan. The 36-year-old chenanson is worked in goblet vine training at an altitude of 300 meters in the valley of Pégairolle de l’Escalette.

Tasting notes
A concentrated, fruity wine with structure. Notes of candied red fruit, bramble, milk chocolate, white pepper, and paprika with tannins that provide a nice backbone to the wine. Thanks to its very good balance, the Coste Rousse wine can be sipped on its own or be with you from aperitif to dessert, both in summer and in winter. Hand harvested and selected grapes.


Ferrussac Coste Rousse 2019

Renaud Rossignol got his start in the vineyards of Domaine de Ferrussac from the age of 10. Wielding his grandfather’s secateurs from an early age, his childhood pleasure was to accompany him to the vineyard, tending to their Syrah, Grenache, Merlot, Chenanson, and Censault vines growing at elevations varying from 350 to 600m.

Seventeen years later he is now both head winemaker and ranch manager – also tending to a herd of 40 Aubrac cows – who also contribute to vineyard diversity as he works towards full organic and biodynamic certification (already in vineyard management practice today). Respect for the land, the cows, the vines, and the region (in La Vacquerie, on the Causse du Larzac: classified by Unesco as a World Heritage site in 2011) is reflected in his wine.

There are five hectares currently under vine and the focus is very much on quality over quantity and on delivering wines that are representative of the region.  Only 4.500 bottles (25 hectoliters per hectare vs an average of 65-70 hl/ha in the IGP) are produced each year and always sell out. The Domaine de Ferrussac cellar is situated at 630m where ambient temperatures never exceed 22c and aid in the vinification process. The wines and this Ferrussac Les Renardières 2019 are fresh and rustic at the same time; well balanced and well-structured with aromas of fruit and regional garrigue that linger both in the glass and on the palate.

Winery Domaine de Ferrussac

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Grape Variety

40% Chenanson, 60% Merlot



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Barbecue, Family Dinner, For everyday, Housewarming party, Picnic


IGP Pays d’Hérault



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