Wines from extraordinary vineyards

Viñedos Calcu is a winery project associated with the Hurtado Vicuña family, who, following their experience in the production of premium wines at Viña Maquis, now seek to produce wines of even higher quality.

The idea took shape in the year 2000 when Ricardo Rivadeneira Hurtado took charge of Viña Maquis and was given the mission to find a vineyard with similar or even better characteristics than the Maquis vineyard itself, the first Hurtado Vicuña family winery. The plan was that the new vineyard should also be located in the Colchagua Valley.

Convinced that “wines of extraordinary quality should come from extraordinary vineyards”, the family acquired the Calcu estate, located between the villages of Marchigüe and La Estrella, 26 kilometers from the sea.

The proximity of the 1,000 hectare Calcu estate to the coast gives its grapes a seal of power, mineral hues and crisp, fresh fruitiness, all of which are clearly apparent in Calcu’s wines. Indeed, today these are the characteristics of the Calcu hallmark.

Calcu wines


Chile – Colchagua Valley

The Colchagua Valley, located approximately 140 kilometers south of the capital Santiago and extending from the Andes foothills as far west as the Pacific Ocean, has the perfect combination of climate and geography. It covers 910,000 hectares with different climatic zones and a variety of soil types. 

The climate is mainly Mediterranean, with a long summer dry season. Water coming off the Andes mountains, which are particularly high in the Colchagua region, ensures good irrigation of the Tinguiririca River. These conditions have made the Colchagua Valley one of the best appellations, on an international level, for the production of red wine varieties such as cabernet sauvignon, cabernet franc, carmenere, malbec and syrah.


Marchigüe vineyard

At less than 30 kilometers from the Pacific Ocean, the Marchigüe vineyard is one of the closest to the coast in the Colchagua Valley. It has deep granitic soils with high levels of superficial clay.

The cool ocean breezes reach the vineyard, which extends over the gentle rolling hills characteristic of this region. This effect allows to obtain fresher wines that are less alcoholic, and with a great aromatic and fruity expression that is perceived on the nose and palate.

The Calcu vineyard project was conceived with the aim of making it the best vineyard in Chile. With this objective, a technical team led by the prestigious viticulturist Xavier Choné studied the terrain of the Calcu estate for two years to identify the best areas for planting vines.


Winemaking Concept

Freshness and fruit forward

Viñedos Calcu seeks to express in the clearest way possible the personality of the vineyard at Marchigüe, where the power and freshness of the fruit predominate.

Calcu team led by Ricardo Rivadeneira Hurtado shares youth, experience and passion for quality and to develop unique wines that reflect the best of the terroir and its strains.

In photography: Ricardo Rivadeneira and Rodrigo Romero.

Words from Winemaker

“We strive to produce fresh, well-balanced wines with moderate levels of alcohol and natural acidity. There is a clear expression of aromas and fruit perceived on the nose and palate. The ageing of the wines in oak barrels is carefully controlled to respect the character of the fruit and to add complexity. What is really important in our wines is the expression of the fruit and the unique character of the terroir” 

Rodrigo Romero, winemaker at Calcu

Winemaking Team

Good to know

Calcu in Mapuche language

Calcu, which means “healing doctor” in the local Mapuche language. Calcu emphasizes the diversity of Chile’s Colchagua Valley. The fruit is always a combination of the family’s estate fruit, and locally sourced, sustainable grapes from quality Colchagua growers. Calcu produces exuberant wines that are fresh and fruity, but also elegant.

MH&DL Jimmy

Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG)

Sustainability at Calcu

Sustainibility Code

Calcu was one of the first Chilean wineries to obtain the Wines of Chile sustainability certification. Sustainability is part of the spirit that inspires the Hurtado family in its wine projects. This spirit is represented in the clear concern for the environment and the well-being of employees and the local community. For more information about de Code visit

Actions by Calcu winery

  • Vineyard architecture. The vineyard blocks were designed in short rows  that limit soil erosion. The direction of the rows is defined to decrease the risk of accidents for agricultural workers.
  • An increase in biodiversity for reestablishing endangered native species.
  • Minimal application of agrochemicals. In the management of the Calcu vineyards at Marchigüe.
  • Use of sheep for controlling weeds and increasing productivity in weak areas.
  • Preference for the hiring of local workers and suppliers.