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Taste an Albariño Duo

Winery Chan de Rosas

  • Chan De Rosas ‘Classico’ 2019

This Albariño Classico from Chan de Rosas brings you exactly what you expect from the grape variety and the region. A very tasty and refreshing dry wine full of fresh aromas of yellow apple, floral notes and citrus that you cannot get enough of. All this finished with a touch of mineral aftertaste for a perfect balance.

  • Chan De Rosas ‘Cuvee Especial’ 2019

The harvest is carried out by hand in small 15kg boxes. After destemming, the grapes are cold macerated at 7C for 12 hours. The must then goes through a static racking for the next 24 hours. Fermentation is slow and at low temperatures to maintain the pure expression of the fruit flavour (pineapple, peach, mango and some honeysuckle). Every week the wine is stirred to keep the lees suspended in order to add additional complexity in aromas & flavours. A portion of the wine undergoes alcoholic fermentation in new French oak barrels for roundness and body and then just a portion of the wine undergoes malolactic fermentation.

James Suckling: 90 Points

Bright, fresh peaches and pears, lemon sherbet, and a very succulent and fresh, melon and white-peach finish. Drink now.


Carménère+ v 100% Carménère

  • Calcu Reserva Especial Carménère 2013

High quality line of wines produced from the youngest blocks at the Calcu vineyard in Marchigüe. Calcu Special Reserve Carménère stands out for its intense red fruits, good body and long aftertaste.

We recommend to open this wine at least 30 minutes before enjoying it and to pair with a steak, stew, roasted vegetables or vegetarian food (try a recipe from Ottolenghi’s Flavour)

James Suckling, 90 Points: “A tight and fresh wine with linear fruit and tannins that give this wine focus and balance. Very Good” 

Amsterdam Tasting Panel:  This Carménère is great. Good fruit aromas with the power we expect from carménère – a very pleasant wine. The bold fruit has a nice balance with the oak used in fermentation and ageing- very typical smell of coffee for Carménère – a pure expression of this grape varietal.

  • Maquis Gran Reserva Carménère 2015

Carmenere from Colchagua Valley, Rapel Valley, Chile

Blend: 85% Carménère, 10% Cabernet Sauvignon, 5% Petit Verdot

Maquis Gran Reserva Carménère stands out from the rest of the Chilean Carménère because it shows a more floral and fresh side of this variety. It is a very tasty wine. On the nose it reveals intense black fruit aromas with some hints of salvia and romero. On the palate it feels very refreshing and smooth with a long and persistent aftertaste.

Wine Enthusiast: 90 Points

Olive and spiced plum aromas are stout, but with zest and snap. A full, tightly wound palate is balanced and lively, tastes of rich black fruits, and a touch of hoisin sauce and soy sauce. A broadly textured finish is savory tasting until the final note.

Tasting Panel: 90 Points

Smooth and succulent with notes of crisp dark plum and subtle herbs. With medium weight and considerable spice, it’s long and balanced at an attractive price point.

Amsterdam Tasting Panel: More round – more integrated flavours – more elegant and still very typical carmenere missing maybe a bit of the coffee and vegetal notes thanks to the addition of cabernet sauvignon / petit Verdot.  – in the end it is tasty and has high, but not rough tannins that would pair well with a variety of rich foods and cheeses.


Explore the Languedoc Roussillon, the IGP: Pays d’Hérault, and more specifically the AOC Terrasses du Larzac

  • Domaine de Ferrussac Coste Rousse 2019

60% Merlot, 40% Chenanson

The 33 year old Merlot is at an altitude of 200m on a plateau in Lacan. The 36-year-old chenanson is worked in goblet vine training at an altitude of 300 meters in the valley of Pégairolle de l’Escalette. 

A concentrated, fruity wine with structure. Notes of candied red fruit, bramble, milk chocolate, white pepper, and paprika with tannins that provide a nice backbone to the wine. Thanks to its very good balance, the Coste Rousse wine can be sipped on its own or be with you from aperitif to dessert, both in summer and in winter.   – hand harvested and selected grapes.

  • Domaine de Ferrussac Les Renardières 2019

60% Grenache, 40% Syrah 

13 year old Grenache vines planted by the winemaker’s grandfather at an altitude of 300m and now entering their prime production years. The vines are worked in a cordon de royat trellising (this is to restrict yields and encourage the concentration of flavour in the grapes). 

The Syrah vines are 33 years old, planted at 350m, and are worked in a cup shaped fan trellis to allow for bunch spacing and full development of the grapes.

This wine has a rich cherry colour to it, which also indicates what is found both on the nose and palate: nice acidity, red fruits (cherry, strawberry, and a light jamminess) backed by some spice and dried herbs. Les Renardières is an easy drinking wine and would pair well with roasted vegetables, a tagine, a stamppot, or even your weekly pizza night!  – hand harvested and selected grapes.

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Taste an Albariño Duo

  • Winery: Chan de Rosas (Spain, Rias Baixas)

Winemaker: Famed producer Marcos Lojo was born in the Salnés Valley, a region of Pontevedra considered the cradle of Albariño. He spent much of his career exploring the unique terroirs and expressions of the region and is very much an authority on Albariño. Today he is technical director overseeing the production of the wines of Premium Fincas, a viticultural group based in Hong Kong that has wineries in Rioja, Ribera del Ruedo, and Rueda.

The Grapes: The experience and the knowledge he obtained of the area and the Albariño grape led to the selection of 12 Salnés Valley winemakers with vineyards in privileged lands producing high quality fruit. Some of the vineyards are planted for more than 70 years in the areas of: A Carabuxeira (Sanxenxo), Padrenda (Meaño), Cabeza de Boi (Meis), A Pedreira (Sisán) Castrelo (Cambados) and Lores (Meaño).

The Climate: The Designation of Origin (D.O.) Rias Baixas is fully integrated into the great Atlantic region, with four full seasons providing a great variance of temperature and rainfall, and moderated by the influence of the Gulf Stream. In Winter, Atlantic storms arrive bringing heavy rainfall and with little marked differences between day and night temperatures. Spring is early and rainy. In early summer the Azores anticyclone settles over the western Atlantic, preventing the passage of atmospheric disturbances. Rainfall is infrequent and temperatures are consistent. In this season the soils are dry and the vines become mildly stressed from the increased temperature and because of the sandy soil that helps drainage. In autumn, just after harvest, the storms arrive again one after another, refreshing the soils and vines before winter’s hibernation period.

Terroir/Soil: The Rías Baixas and in particular the vineyards where the Chan de Rosas grapes grow, are located next to the Ria de Arousas Sea. The soil is shallow but well-drained, formed from the decomposition of the granitic rocks, resulting in a sandy soil and acidic structure. Both the location of the land and the type of soil provides the wines with characteristic albariño notes of crisp fruits, salinity and minerality.


Carménère+ v 100% Carménère

  • Winery: Calcu (Chile)

Calcu means “healing doctor” or “magician” in the local Mapuche language and the wine produced here emphasizes the diversity of Chile’s Colchagua Valley. The fruit is always a combination of the family’s estate fruit, and locally sourced, sustainable grapes from quality Colchagua growers. Calcu produces exuberant wines that are fresh and fruity, but also elegant.

Calcu Reserva Especial Carmenere comes from the hills of Marchigue. Here the breeze from the Pacific Ocean moderates the climate in the growing season providing broad diurnal temperatures which results in concentrated and fresh flavors in the grapes. The Reserva Especial is a full-bodied, fruity wine with elegant balance and present, but smooth tannins. 80% of the wine has aged on second and third use French oak barrels and the rest, 20%, on stainless steel tanks to ensure that the pure character of the grape is experienced.

  • Winery Maquis (Chile, Colchagua Valley)

Winemaker: The Hurtado family has owned the Viña Maquis vineyard for more than a century, but it wasn’t until almost 20 years ago that the family decided to make their own wine out of the terrific grapes in their own backyard. They built a state-of-the-art gravity flow winery and set out to make the Maquis winery one of the great properties in all of South America.

Located in Colchagua Valley, the winery’s focus is on distinctive single-vineyard, estate wines, as well as producing “balanced” wines that are not over-ripe (resulting in excessively high alcohol) but also not exhibiting any of the “green” character that sometimes plagues wines picked from grapes that have not fully matured. The Maquis main vineyard is essentially an island: it is deeply influenced by the Tinguiririca River on one side and the Chimbarongo Creek on the other. These two large waterways once brought alluvial sediment from the Andes and today act as pathways for cool coastal breezes that help moderate the warm Colchagua summers, contributing to the intensity, character, fruitiness and mineral elements of the Maquis wines. Maquis is fortunate to have such a privileged location.

Since 2005, Maquis has worked with consulting winemaker Xavier Choné, whose specialty is vineyard evaluation. By paying close attention to soil conditions, the spacing of the vines, and the timing of the harvest, Choné’s style of winemaking produces sophisticated wines with concentrated flavors that truly represent the region’s terroir. At Maquis, vineyards are strategically planted and farmed with minimal irrigation with Carmenere in the warmest spots and Cabernet Franc in the cooler areas. Choné works with wineries around the world, including Opus One, Joseph Phelps, and Dominus Estate. Maquis is the only South American winery with which Choné is affiliated.

In addition to Choné, Maquis utilizes the expert blending talents of Bordeaux’s Eric Boissenot. Several times per year Ricardo will travel from Bordeaux to work on the final blends of the Maquis wines with the Eric, who also works with four of Bordeaux’s first growths. He and his late father Jacques were named “Blenders of the Decade” by Decanter magazine.


Explore the Languedoc Roussillon, the IGP: Pays d’Hérault, and more specifically the AOC Terrasses du Larzac

  • Winery: Domaine de Ferrussac (France, Languedoc Rousillon)

Winemaker: Renaud Rossignol got his start in the vineyards of Domaine de Ferrussac from the age of 10. Wielding his grandfather’s secateurs from an early age, his childhood pleasure was to accompany him to the vineyard, tending to their Syrah, Grenache, Merlot, Chenanson, and Censault vines growing at elevations varying from 350 to 600m. Seventeen years later he is now both head winemaker and ranch manager – also tending to a herd of 40 Aubrac cows – who also contribute to vineyard diversity as he works towards full organic and biodynamic certification (already in vineyard management practice today). Respect for the land, the cows, the vines, and the region (in La Vacquerie, on the Causse du Larzac: classified by Unesco as a World Heritage site in 2011) is reflected in his wine. There are five hectares currently under vine and the focus is very much on quality over quantity and on delivering wines that are representative of the region.  Only 4.500 bottles (25 hectoliters per hectare vs an average of 65-70 hl/ha in the IGP) are produced each year and always sell out. The Domaine de Ferrussac cellar is situated at 630m where ambient temperatures never exceed 22c and aid in the vinification process. The wines are fresh and rustic at the same time; well balanced and well-structured with aromas of fruit and regional garrigue that linger both in the glass and on the palate. 


Additional Resources:

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Vogue: This Chilean Valley Is a Red Wine Paradise 

Afar: This Picturesque Chilean Wine Region Pairs World-Class Reds with Luxurious Digs 

Languedoc Roussillon / Terrasses du Larzac: Winery Chan de Rosas 


Additional information


Chan de Rosas, Ferrussac, Maquis


Chile, France, Spain


Colchagua Valley, Languedoc, Rías Baixas


2011, 2013, 2015, 2019


Red, White

Bottle per case





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I possess a strong entrepreneurial mindset and am always ready for new challenges. I have a Master’s Degree in Transport, Logistics and International Trade; knowledge I am determined to put into practice by spreading my passion for wine. Speak three languages fluently: French, Spanish, and English, and currently learning Dutch.

I was raised in the Loire Valley, a beautiful wine region, and had the luck to be named after one of France’s most interesting wines: Margaux! I was fortunate to grow up with Sancerre and Cabernet Franc vines in my backyard, and have since explored and tasted my way through all of France’s great wine regions.
When I started traveling the world, I realised that there is so much more to wine – the grapes, the history, the people, the terroirs. How amazing would it be to share this awareness and experience with others?
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My personal experiences are closely linked to the Terroir de Pirque sub-region of the famous Maipo Valley. I grew up in between Cabernet Sauvignon, Sauvignon Blanc , Sémillon and Torontel grape plantations. I am Chilean entrepreneur with more than 25 years of experience in international business.

Managing to develop sales channels in the international market to different Chilean wineries. In addition to strong alliances with old world wineries

Over the years I have developed a strong network in the wine industry all over the world. My work and life experiences are a great asset to the adventure of MH&DL. I am the one helping setting up the business objectives and limits. I am a wine storyteller, attend one of my tastings and you will be transported by the magic of the wine Art.


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Dalmar Labra

Dalmar Labra

Dalmar Labra

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Mijn persoonlijke ervaringen zijn nauw verbonden met de subregio Terroir de Pirque van de beroemde Maipo-vallei. Ik ben opgegroeid tussen de druivenplantages Cabernet Sauvignon, Sauvignon Blanc, Sémillon en Torontel. Ik ben een Chileense ondernemer met meer dan 25 jaar ervaring in internationaal zakendoen. Ontwikkelen van verkoopkanalen op de internationale markt naar verschillende Chileense wijnhuizen. Naast sterke allianties met wijnmakerijen uit de oude wereld

Door de jaren heen heb ik over de hele wereld een sterk netwerk opgebouwd in de wijnindustrie. Mijn werk- en levenservaringen zijn een grote aanwinst voor het avontuur van MH&DL. Ik help bij het opstellen van de zakelijke doelstellingen en limieten. Ik ben een wijnverteller, woon een van mijn proeverijen bij en je wordt vervoerd door de magie van de wijnkunst.

Authentieke kwaliteiten: visionair – gewetensvol

Samen combineren we levendigheid en beleving!

Margaux Hyacinthe

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Ik ben ondernemend en altijd klaar voor nieuwe uitdagingen. Ik heb een master in transport, logistiek en internationale handel – kennis die maar al te graag in praktijk wil brengen door mijn passie voor wijn met de wereld te delen. Ik spreek drie talen vloeiend: Frans, Spaans en Engels, en ik leer momenteel Nederlands.

Ik ben opgegroeid in de Loire, een prachtige wijnregio, en ik bof naar een van de bijzonderste Franse wijnen te zijn vernoemd: Margaux! Ik had het geluk op te groeien met Sancerre- en Cabernet Franc-wijnstokken in de achtertuin, en ik heb sindsdien alle grote wijngebieden van Frankrijk verkend en geproefd.Toen ik de wereld rondreisde, realiseerde ik me dat er zoveel meer achter wijn schuilt: de druiven, de geschiedenis, de mensen, de terroirs. Hoe geweldig zou het zijn als ik al dit bewustzijn en deze ervaring met anderen kan delen?
Daarom heb ik besloten om hier het avontuur te beginnen en deel uit te maken van MH&DL Exclusive Terroirs.

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